About Cassandra Widdershin

You Wouldn’t Know The Truth If You Wiped It Off Your Ass

In the beginning was the hoax, & the hoax was with God, & the hoax was God.

Back when self-addressed envelopes were required to be rejected by polite society, I used to rent Post Office boxes in nearby towns (& sometimes towns not nearby at all) under pseudonyms to publish sardonic little poems in obscure little magazines so I could laugh my ass off when some editor suggested I read more poems by somebody else I also was.

From there I graduated to Flame Wars, which was much cheaper, since no postagewas required. I was Osama bin Laden on several WWIV boards back during the Clinton Administration, before anyone suspected how dangerous I really could be.

@DoctorFaustroll is one of my longest-surviving identities on Twitter, thanks to my invention of the #FlySwattingParty , which has cut down on #Shadowbanning, #TwitterTimeOuts, & suspensions, while allowing me to illuminate the dark spaces underthe rocks whereAmerican #FamilyValues often hide.

This room collects the #BeBest of the worst of my twittering.

NOTE: As of March 7, 2021, I have been temporarily suspended by the feckless cunts at Twitter.

So it goes.

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