About the PPOCLL

The What Are You Waiting For Room

Sometimes if you sit still for a very long time and let all the crazy, busy things hurry on along to wherever they think they’re going, you eventually understand that goals and purposes and intentions, like politics, are poopadoodle. You are going to die, and nothing you do is going to change that. Sure, you can say that doing good work and having friends and family to care for and about is a good enough substitute for life-everlasting, and others claim that eternal life kicks in after this shitty existence runs out of excuses to perpetuate its ludicrous decay, but you’re still going to die, and however you are remembered — if at all — is as little under your control indeath as your amble through the boring landscape was under your control while you lived it.

So here you are seated in a small room located in a spatial anomaly inside a post office rental box with a view of Oak Street in Portland, Oregon. This is the home of the Portland Pataphysical Outpatient Clinic, Lounge, and Laundromat, a leisure activity of the Church of the Oven of Peace, sponsor of the Social Revolutionary Anarchist Federation Film Study Group, and one time Portland Field Office of Yossarian Universal News Service.

However did you ever find this place?

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