You Will Suffer Consequences The Likes Of Which Few Throughout History Have Ever Suffered Before

Sep 20, 2021

Why Can’t We Use All Our Wonderful Nuclear Weapons? Chapter 57, Verse 58

I have the best ideas. Remember when Gen. Frederick McDonald came this close to building a nuclear wall between the Korea and Vietnam? That was before Kimmy and me fell in love.

We’d been fighting so long, but then Kim couldn't get enough of me. It was a lovefest when we crossed the border together, not our border, no one should be crossing our border except us, because that’s where the wall is. Was. The great, big beautiful wall. The remains of it, now that antifa is wrecking things.

MS-13 is being refurbished to levels never seen before. No one can believe it. They were in big trouble. We had them on the ropes. They were dead. But then they were recruiting sleepy cells in shit hole African countries like Sergio Leone and Libraria, so we had to get tough, because you have to get tough to get your way. That is what makes you great.

I fought MS-13 through ICE and Border Patrol out, by the thousands. Thousands. We were going into towns on Long Island and hunting them down and dragging them out, and these were brave warriors, the ICE and Border, like law enforcement is, we have so much respect.

You saw that on January 6. Our very fine people on both sides were enforcing the law to protect the integrity of our elections to prevent Russia from put the liberals in charge. Our great law enforcers.

And they’d go right into what they call a “nest” of a lot of these gang members, and they’d start fighting.