Whither Has It Fled The Visionary Dream

Sep 6, 2021

Where Is It Now, O Emperor Of Ice Cream, Chapter 32, Verse 10

You meet some of the most incredible people at the airport waiting for bags, but that was the saddest thing, seeing that at Dover, you go to Dover. When you’re president, they make you go to Dover. Nobody wants to go to Dover, but when you’re president…

Dover is where they fly the bags in.

You go also to Walter Reed Medical Center, incredible doctors. I will tell you this, most incredible doctors, all of them have gone to the best medical schools to work at Walter Reed. They know medicine better than any other doctors, better than I know military and economicals.

And then you see the horrific injuries and you see the parents, the wife, the husband standing and looking over the body of somebody that was just absolutely shattered. In some cases, no legs. No arms. No nothing.

In one case, I’ll never forget, no legs, no arm on the right side. And then the other half with the arm said to me, “Sir, I got lucky. I was able to save a half an arm.”

And I’m looking and I’m saying to myself, the parents, the wife, the husband, and the TV, “We can never let this happen again. This was a terrible, terrible thing that happened. It was such a horrific mistake.” But these people represent our nation. They’re the greatest people our nation has ever had. Ever had.

But I’ll never forget that arm half telling me, “KuklaM*A*S*H, what’s your hurry?” He could see I was a little antsy and needed to be somewhere important.

He said this to me, your president, "You will never find the life you are looking for. The gods have reserved immortality for themselves. Thank the gods that you have been made the perfect president for your great country, where everyone can fill their bellies with good things. See? There’s nothing to worry about, so be merry, feast and rejoice.”

I wonder where that brave arm is today.