We're Not In Kansas Anymore

Sep 10, 2021

How Can I Keep Silent, How Can I Rest? Chapter 48, Verse 56

Only 30? I thought much more than that. He’s all… I really thought it was more. Much more.

We have some women. We always have some of the greatest women. The greatest, greatest women. Are you here tonight? North Carolina? Where are they? Where are they? We have some women who follow me everywhere, they’ve been to 69. I didn’t even know we did 69.

I said, “How many?”

“Sir, we’re up to about 69.

I said, “I didn’t know we could do that many, ladies.”

But, look, this is a very unpleasant subject, but still, is this the greatest place to be in the world? Used to be, right? And now it’s the shits, believe me, you don’t need me to tell you. It’s unpleasant to talk about it, but sometimes you have to think and talk about unpleasant things, when they go to shit, but not only is it Biden and the embarrassment to the United States abroad

His radicalism and extremism is currently destroying our nation right here at home where he lets antifa and those thugs take over our city streets in anarchist jurisdictions, like Chicago and Portland and even Washington, D.C. Who wants to live in a forever war zone ruled by the woke? That’s what woke gets you. Woke turns everything to shit.

And nobody understands that better than Alabama, nobody. Remember when Biden used to go and let’s say he’s in Iowa so he’d say, “It’s great to be in Idaho”? Sir, you’re in Iowa.

Just because they are both on the same map doesn’t make them the same states, sir.

Iowa makes all the twice-baked potatoes, you know the ones with extra cheese? and Iowa has Cleveland where we put down the Kent State insurrection from the hippies.