Was Nehemiah Really A Bullfrog?

Sep 6, 2021

He Seized The Bull Of Heaven By The Horns, Chapter 36, Verse 7

Now we may be forced to go in. Or we may not be forced, but we may be forced to go in. Nobody knows. Nobody knows. It’s a dilemma. A real problem. What a disaster.

Because if you’re not prepared to go in, you’re never going to see those 45,000 heroes again. That I can tell you. If they don’t think you’re prepared to go in, you’re never going to see them again, whether it’s 10 or 45,000 heroes, you’ll never see them again. You know what I’m saying. Remember after 9/11 when they danced in New Jersey?

All Joe Biden had to do was follow our plan and get out back in May before the Taliban had time to prepare. That’s what I call the element of surprise, which is my second favorite element, after gold. Everybody likes gold, even Prince Abdullah X.

It’s like the border, all he had to do is go to the beach. He didn’t have to do anything. We had the tightest, most secure border in the world. We built almost ten thousand miles of wall so high the rapists couldn’t find ladders tall enough to get over it. He could have finished it in one month. Instead, he’s paying billions of dollars not to finish it.

And I would have had it finished much earlier, except I got sued by the Democrats and Congress so much, took two and a half years for me to win all the lawsuits. Nobody wins lawsuits like Donald Trump.

So after we won all the lawsuits, we built it at a rapid pace. It was just about finished, helped us great. We were finally great. We set records, records at the border. All he had to do was go to the beach.

Same thing here. All he had to do is follow our plan and go to the beach. That was conditional, so if they don’t follow it, then we start bombing them again. We bomb them so hard they are back in the caves with those hairy elephants and polishing their spears. They didn’t want to be bombed anymore. They were tired of being bombed. They were tired. You’d be tired too after thousands of years of fighting.

They’re tough, that Taliban. Everybody’s tough to a little degree. But you know what? We’re tougher.

Biden,  he just says it. But nobody would know it. Nobody would know it. When you look at what’s happening, nobody would know it. But we’re tougher, and I’d like to explain that to Abdullah X and to everybody else.