They Walked Right Into Kabul Like They Were Walking Onto A Yacht

Sep 6, 2021

I Heard They Killed Esther For Not Wearing Her Beserker, Chapter 38, Verse 33

They walked in, they just walked in. They walked in and they took everything. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. I’ve never seen anything so stupid in my life, and I’ve lived so long that I have seen a lot of stupid stuff. And they started killing all the good women who like to wear American clothes.

Somebody said, “Don’t say it, sir. It’s not good.” I asked yesterday, I was with a group of people and there was a five year old child. And I explained the situation to the five year old child. They said, ”No, you shouldn’t do that, sir, because the press won’t like it.” Even a five year old child knows not to trust the fake news.

I said, “That’s okay. I don’t mind. The press doesn’t like anything I do.” They actually do like it, but they’ll never say it, okay, because they get paid not to say it. Not by me, but you think The Squad isn’t paying them? That AOC is such a jerk.

But I asked the child, “So what would you do?” after describing the things I described to you, “Would you leave the military until everything’s out, including the civilians and all of that incredible military equipment? Or would you have the military go out first?”

If Biden had listened to that five year old, this would never have happened. I know enough to listen to a five year old. If five year olds could vote, I would have won by an 600 electoral votes.