Then Samuel Had A Talk With Dog

Sep 5, 2021

Rememberance of The Days Of Future Past, Chapter 25, Verse 24


Don’t you all remember?

Remember, when I walked to the church — how can anyone forget? — how proudly I walked to the church holding Little Stevie Guttenburg’s Bible up to protect me, I walked to the church that the protesters, they tried to burn it down.

They tried to deface it with a Black Lives Matter sign, they tried to give sanctuary to antifa and give sanctuary to the cities that had become anarchy jurisprudences, but I walked to the church, protestors out there and Milley was walking with me, his military uniform sparkling in the greatest sunshine of our lives that anyone had seen.

And the next day, the radical left media starts calling, “You shouldn’t have walked. You shouldn’t have walked.” What did they want, me and Milley riding a tank over the protestors like the Chinese do or flying in with one of our invisible stealth bombers?

But Milley, instead of saying, “I’m proud to walk with my President to honor God and our flag,” and not because it’s me but because of the office.

It’s never been about me with me.

With me it’s always about the office, but with them, everything is about me, but I’m all about you, so when the haters are hating on me, they are actually hating on you, and that makes me so mad sometimes I maybe bend the rules a little to protect you, but otherwise we’d never get anything done.

Instead of saying that, Milley wanted to apologize for walking with the President of the United States because he decided it was safer to side with our enemies & the enemies of the people, and you are the people, not them.