Then Ezra Spake

Sep 6, 2021

Disorder! Disorder! I Can’t Be Blamed For All This Damned Disorder, Chapter 35, Verse 5

And you know why this is?

Not because the Taliban aren’t great fighters because they are great fighters. They have the best fighters, except for our fighters, which the Democrats won’t let us use the way the founding fathers wanted us to.

All you have to do is ask Russia, which used to be called the Soviet Union, before Reagan broke that union like he broke all the other unions, starting with the airline PATSY union. Reagan broke the unions. He used to be in a union, but one day Nancy told him that unions cause socialism, and nobody wants socialism, so Reagan broke all the unions for freedom.

And because of Afghanistan, it’s now Russia, it’s a much smaller version of what it was because of Afghanistan. They lost that war. The Russians. The Afghanistanies never lose. Russia went bust, spending so many years and so much money and not winning in Afghanistan, but all of that money they spent, all of the lives they lost, same thing.

But all you have to do is ask Russia, “What do you think?” I don’t know. Now I hear they going back in, not so fast. Everybody that’s gone in, hasn’t been so good.

And you know what, we have to go in and we should go in when it’s right. And we now may have to be forced to go in because this person that is running our country made a horrific decision of taking all of our powerful military out. Have you been watching Fox and Friends? I watch it on TIVO beecause it’s on during executive time.