The Taliban Never Did Figure Out What Happens When God Smites You

Sep 9, 2021

As God Told Isaiah: “You Can Run, But You’ll Just Die Anyway,” Chapter 45, Verse 22

With me in office, the Taliban would not have ever dreamed of capturing our airfield and parading around with our American clothes with those long beards, our American weapons, or flying our Humphries. Did you see all those guns they have? It’s like out in the parking lot! You really like your guns, but don’t it make you mad, these terrorists have better guns than you?

Who recognized those guns, because they’re same guns you have. Same bullets. We made them. That was our great economy that made those bullets and those guns. Americans have the best guns. we sell guns to every country in the world. That’s what makes America great. The Second Amendment.

There would have been no emergency embassy evacuation and no taking down of our flag if we had stopped the steal. They took down our flag. It wasn’t a real flag. It was one of the fake China flags we use in places where terrorists may do bad things to them. At NFL games, too. Why can’t they just play ball?

Because we would have established clear lines that the Taliban would have never dared to cross. Not a red line, like Obama wanted. A line like you draw on the TV when you talk about football plays or even sometimes basketball. This is no game.

The problem with Biden is that our enemies are not afraid of him. They don’t respect him. Nobody respects someone who won’t kick the crap out them to make a point, to save time. I taught plenty of kids that in the playground in Corona, Juan, Rosa, real Americans learn our family values by the fourth grade. At least they used to before all these woke morons and idiots.

Our adversaries and our allies no longer trust him. They can’t trust him any longer. I don’t see how they ever trusted him. Maybe they didn’t and only said they did to the poll people. Nobody trusts the polls, except maybe the palookas. Can I still say that?

Remember he went back and he went to Europe and they didn’t know who the hell he was or what the hell was going on with him. And they said, “What the hell? What the hell Joe.”

We’re back. In other words, we’re back. Not just in other words are we back, but hell yeah, we’re back. That’s what a great America is like. We are not afraid to say “Hell yeah!”

Now you can continue to take advantage of us because Europe took advantage of us with NATO like nobody ever. I got Europe to pay $430 trillion toward NATO. They would have never paid. For 50, 80 years, it was like this, the payment. I never saw a penny.

In fact, it cost me money, and if it cost me money, it cost you even more money, because that’s how things work.

It’s in the Constitution, you know, pursuit of happiness, Second Amendment. We are the party of the Constitution.