The Old Fart Cuts A Deal

Sep 4, 2021

It’s As If They Graduated From Turdwaffle University With Honors, Chapter 24, Verse 35

Taliban, great negotiators, tough fighters, great negotiators, like our founding fathers, who negotiated our great country from the Indians for a bunch of trinkets and pocket change because of ambassador Manfred Destiny, an unsung hero who made America great even before it changed its brand from New Amsterdam.

Remember New Amsterdam? They didn’t stand a chance against Manfred Destiny, and you know they would do even worse with the Taliban, who signed a great deal with me that protected our great heritage. The Taliban would never have toppled our great monuments like antifa did, or Black Lives Matter. To who? I ask you. To who?

The Taliban, they’ve got 45,000 people. You’ve got a lot of people also that deserve to be helped and they’re not going to let them be helped at all.

This is going to go on for a long time. This is a great stain on the armpitation of our country. It’s like going on a drive without changing your underwear. Everybody changes their underwear before going for a drive, right? Oh you. Really? Your mother

Going into the Middle East was one of the most disastrous decisions that our country has ever been involved with, even worse than civil rights. We’ve never had a more worse decision. Who made this terrible decision? In my opinion, it was the worst…