The New Green Garden Of Getting Even

Sep 1, 2021

Never Trust A Woman With Knowledge, Chapter 14, Verse 43

And what is this glide path? I asked Ivanka, you know Ivanka deserves a Nobel Prize for all the hard work she did for Operation Warp Speed and getting the vaccine in record time, faster than any vaccine in history, even faster than Marie Pasteur or Louise Curry, but who’s keeping count? What is this roadmap?

That’s a good question, but the answer is even better. It’s the roadmap to the Green New Deal, conceived and dedicated by A.O.C. Alexander O’Casey Cortez, a real beauty. She’s a real beauty. You remember Cortez from history? A real beauty that whole family.

She knows more about the environment. She thinks like little Greta, you know, the Denmark girl who tried to sell us Greenland because it’s melting. I don’t think she ever even took… Did she ever take a course? What do you, Mo? I didn’t think so, but I’m not paid to think. I’m paid to get things done.

She wasn’t a good student. I read somewhere her grades stunk. Stunk. Did she ever take a course on the environment? Remember? Remember when at first she said you only have 12 years to live. She said that two years ago.

It means you have, right now, what’s that, you’re about nine and a half years. Nine and a half years. Somehow, you’re not worried about that, nine and a half years, but you are worried about China and Russia and other places. Okay. I was kidding about China and Russia. Why would you worry about that?

Don’t let them fool you. The world isn't going to end in nine and a half years. And even if it does, so what? You can do a lot in nine and a half years. Look at what our administration accomplished in only four. Even Reagan had eight years but he failed to dismantle the Deep State that threatens our great heritage of family values. We did it in four.

Imagine what we can do when I’m reinstated and we have four more glorious years forever and ever.