The Masks Of The Red Dread

Sep 9, 2021

You Say Ecclesiastes, I Say He’s Just Nasty, Chapter 43, Verse 47

Now Fauci wants you to wear 15 different masks at one time. How the hell are you supposed to breathe wearing 15 different masks? It’s like every variant needs a new mask. Who is making money off all these masks? I don’t know. Not me. If I’m not making money, you’re not making money. That’s why you voted for me twice now, right?

He also told me he was a great athlete. Then I saw him throw out a pitch at the baseball game. “I used to be a great athlete, sir.”

“You did, really? Oh, that’s good.”

Then I watch him on television. That’s not what I call a great athlete. Little girls throw better than that. The ball almost went to first base, didn’t it? There’s no batter on first base. He was trying to throw it to the catcher. “No. I meant to throw it to first base.” Was he trying to stop the steal? I don’t think so.

The issue here is not about whether to leave Afghanistan. The issue is Joe Biden’s staggering incompetence and gross negligence. He doesn’t know where the hell he is. You think he’s running the government? He’s not running the government.

Creating the greatest strategic humiliation that we’ve ever seen as a country is a disaster. A complete and total disaster. It was criminal. And it was something that we should’ve stopped and the generals should have done something. They should have done something.

But he fired all my good generals. He fired all the good ones.