The Hole We're In Is Bigger Than Sumerian Parts

Sep 24, 2021

KuklaM*A*S*H Urges The World’s Greatest #FailArmy To Storm The Halls With Manson Jolly, Chapter 59, Verse 55

And their countries didn’t want them, you know. You know that story. I’ve told that story. I tell it all the time. Nobody listens. Look at them. Not a single red light. So I have to tell it again.

When I came in, we’d catch these people in Border Patrol, ICE, I’d meet with the top people. They’re incredible people. “What are we going to do with all these bad hombres? Why don’t we send them back where they came from?”

They’d say, “Sir, they won’t take these people back.” I say to them, just to be clear, “What do you mean they won’t take them? Are you telling me they won’t take them back?”

“Yes, sir. They don’t want them back.”

Can you believe it? They don’t want these gang members back. They don’t want the killers back. They don’t want the rapists, the liberals, the druggists.

“They won’t take them back, sir.”

So I had a meeeting at the Pentagon with lots of generals… We used to have the greatest generals. They were like from a movie these guys, better looking than Tom Cruise and stronger. The First Lady loved them. “Sir, these generals are so handsome.” “Yes they are, First Lady.” And I had more generals than I had ever seen in that room to decide what to do with all these bad hombres in the railroad cars. 

But it turned out my fucking generals were just a bunch of pussies on immigration, just like they were pussies when we needed them to stop the steal. Too many of them have just become woke. Woke turns everything to shit. Whatever happened to our great America, where might made right & afraid & all our enemies feared our military killing machines?