The Cure For Electoral Dysfunction Is To Stay In Mexico

Sep 15, 2021

Joel, Amos, and Obediah Went Into A Bar, Chapter 55, Verse 5

Is nothing sacred? I worked so hard to make America great. I achieved a 90% reduction in illegal border crossings by the rapists, druglorn, and thuggery. Think of that. 90%. 90% was hard, but it was going to go much higher. We were going to hit 200%. Nobody ever got close to 200% before.

I brought illegal immigration to a virtual halt, with no more terrorists coming through the southern border. We stopped MS13 from invading Alabama. We stopped them dead. When was the last time you saw MS13?

It was the lowest levels ever recorded since the Alamo, and you could come into our country, but you had to come in legally. You had to pay the tolls. You had to pass the basic test. You had to speak English and have good cognitive. We don’t expect everyone to ace person, woman, man, camera, TV like your favorite president, but they need to salute the flag and stand for the anthem.

Every country in the world should know how to do that. Unless they are harboring terrorists. Even England plays the Star Speckled Banner on sacred occasions, like when our NFL is in London to show them real football.

But the border. Finally, we did it, but we had a win a lot of court cases. Many of those court cases started against us by Democrats in Congress. When are you going to throw those bums out?