The Bookie Lamentations

Sep 11, 2021

Strange Things Have Been Broken, Chapter 51, Verse 14

He’s the only guy that didn’t get covered falling, walking up the stairs. Why is that? The press didn’t cover it other than a couple internets covered it, I guess. Does that really count? You Tube. Right? Do you think they would have covered it if I fell up the stairs to Air Force One like some Clarabelle?

They gave me hell that time Barron stuck some toilet paper to my shoe and messed with my umbrella.

He fell three times. ”Down goes Frazier,” remember that? He kept going down and up, down and up, up and down, over and over, like punch drunk Judy. 

I said to Melania, great first lady, so classy, I said to her, “First Lady, what the hell is going on here?” We were watching that. “What’s going on with their president?” I still haven’t conceded, by the way. You don’t concede to terrorists. It’s not nice to steal an election we won fair and square.

And it wasn’t on one nightly newscast. I think it might’ve been on one of the antifa networks or BET… I wouldn’t know. I only watch real news, you know where, same place as you. I did the slope, the long slippery slope. He had stairs. He couldn’t even climb some stairs.

I said, “General,” it was pouring out, pouring. I said, “General, this is a bad deal here. I got leather shoes on the bottom of my feet and it’s like ice here, and there’s no railing, where’s the railing, I’m going to fall. I’m not going to let them…”

So I walked down the long slippery slope with tiny little steps, but they reported like I was 70 or something and a dodderer, whatever the hell that is. I’m no dodderer. I’ve never been a dodderer.