That's A Hell Of A Lot Of Salt

Sep 19, 2021

Well, Don’t Look Back Now, Chapter 57, Verse 3

Record numbers are getting away and historic numbers are coming from outside Mexico and Central America from every corner all around the globe, rapists, druggists, pizza guys looking for your daughters.

A lot of them coming in from the Middle East. Where exactly is the Middle East? Did you ever try to find it on a map? There is no Middle East.

I sent Jared to the Middle East to tell me where it is and how to fix it. He signed this great peace deal with the Middle East. They gave him a key to Middle East City, which I never heard of, have you ever heard of it? — which I kept on my desk in the Oval Office until they stole the election.

They gave up on billing Mexico for the wall. I promised you a great big beautiful wall that Mexico would pay for. I built the wall, 2,000 miles, I would have finished it in record time but they sabotaged us with mail-in ballots. Bill them, Joe. Bill the Mexicans for the wall. No? Send in the collectors. They are way overdue. They owe us, bigly. Bigly.

Greta Thunberg. You remember Greta Thunberg. She had such a bad attitude, anger issues, short person problems. She needs to grow up and calm down. Chill, Greta, chill.

She tried to unload Greenland on us, but I didn’t fall for it. She’s no environmental. I’m the greatest environmental in history. My wall proves it, just look at my wall. A lot of people don’t understand it. I think I know more about environmental than most people who have a Vespa interest in it. The environmental loves me.

At this rate, billions of illegal aliens will cross our border just this year alone. Billions. Billions of bad hombres and their girl friends, and none of them are planning to become very fine people.

MS13. Liberals love them because they’ll all vote Democrat with their mail-in ballots, just like in 2020. Many of these people are hardened criminals, murderers, thugs, antifa, socialists.

Again, think of this. Just think of this statement… They are emptying their jails into the United States.

Just because we have more jails than any other country is no reason to dump your jails on us. Our jails make us safe. Our jails keep us free.