Sodomizing Gamera With Our Military Prowess

Sep 1, 2021

No One Can Beat Our Meat, Chapter 15, Verse 19

We rebuilt our military stronger, bigger, better than ever before in all of history. It was great again. Nobody had a bigger military than ours. Our military was so big and strong that no one would mess with it. Nothing could contain it.

Together we made America great again. And now I see it being dissipated and being given… What a shaft, a shafting, we’re getting shafted by these weaklings! It’s so sad to see it, a disaster, really, an embarrassment that has our founding fathers rolling around in the graves, I bet, and our military is being given to some very bad hombres by some people you think should know better. You know who I mean.

They know who I mean. Everybody knows who I mean, believe me.