Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Sep 14, 2021

No Way Hosea, Chapter 54, Verse 32

What the hell happened? We had a great “Stay in Mexico" policy. “You can’t come into our country, I’m sorry. Stay in Mexico.” “OK.” Great solution.

Biden ended it. He ended it. But you know what happened? Yesterday we won in court and a very wise judge said we’re allowed to have “Stay in Mexico.

Thank you, judge. Thank you, judge. Thank you very much. When I’m reinstated I’ll put him on the Supreme Court with my other very good choices.

They used to stay in the United States and then you’d never find them again.

You’d stay, and some of these people are seriously tough criminals, rapists, druggists, socialists, MS-13, Democrat. It’s no wonder. It’s no wonder.