Remember When There Was Art In These Deals?

Sep 6, 2021

Seems Like We’re Always Between Iraq And Some Shit-Hole Country, Chapter 34, Verse 24

Life is not as simple as to be or not to be. People say you have to fish or eat bait, which is why smart people cut deals, but it’s not easy when all of the choices are bad choices you make with bad hombres.

Do you deal with the people that ran away or the people that you highly paid, we paid the soldiers. They got good money. Real money. American money. They were among the highest paid soldiers on this solar system. But with the Space Force, you never know.

I remember a certain, highly overrated general, I’m not gonna say his name, you know who he is, he was always hanging around, he came into my office, “Sir, they’re fighting for their lives. They’re fighting for their country.”

I said, “No, general, they’re paid more than any other soldiers in the world. And when that payment stops, they’re gone.”

And that’s exactly what happened. Exactly what happened. Even I could see it coming. The Democrats couldn’t see it.

But since my administration began the negotiations with Jared on the peace deal last year, not a single American service member has been killed in combat in Afghanistan.  Even the It’s over 18 months now, 18 months. You could have two little babies in 18 months.