Remember How To Use The Beautiful Force, Luke?"

Sep 25, 2021

Who Said That By Believing You May Have Life In His Name? Volume 2, Chapter 1, Verse 33

So like everything else, all problems come down to money.

“Yes. You’re not taking back people that came into our country illegally. You will not take them back. No money for you!”

“Oh, there must be some understanding, sir. We would love to have them back.”

I said, “That’s not what Jared said. That’s not what Ivanka said. That is not even what the enemy of the people said.”

“But they lie, sir. You said so yourself.”

“But that’s because I know my George Washington history, which is great, by the way. But you still haven’t been taking them back.”

“Because you stopped sending them, sir. We’d love to have them back.”

“Well, congratulations, Pablo, we’ll be sending lots of planes your way.”

And we did, we got them to take them all back, some really bad hombres, MS13, antifa, the worst, and after we emptied out the hombre camps, we still didn’t pay them. We refused to make the payment. I delayed that sucker a long time. I asked for invoices. I asked for receipts. I made them beg. I had my way with them.

We still didn’t make the payment, we waited a long time, but they took them all back.

That’s how you make America great.