QAnon Shamhat Meets Inky Dinky Doo

Sep 6, 2021

Sodom Hussein Was No Match For KuklaM*A*S*H, Chapter 30, Verse 7

We have greatest generals and we have greatest leaders and a great military that I rebuilt from scratch. I rebuilt it. It was exhausted. It didn’t even have bullets when I became your greatest leader and favorite president.

But I’d say to the general and the colonel that ran Dover when they saw the thousands of bodies coming in many days of the week, I’d say, “General, it’s amazing. The parents seem so fine. They can handle it.”

“No, they can’t, Sir,” some of the bad generals and colonels would say. “They are in shock, sir.”

But I told them, “No, generals, you are wrong, you don’t know how resplendent our people are, especially the parents who give us their sons & daughters. I just spent a half an hour talking to them. They were fine. I mean, they understand what happened. They’re fine. They’re proud.”

“No, they’re not, sir. When that plane pulls up, sir, that big unbelievable, powerful,” just like you saw three days ago with the bodies dropping off the sides.

How desperate are people to leave when you’re hanging, clinging to a plane that goes up thousands of feet and you eventually have to let go, how desperate is that? We should never have our very fine people falling from planes.