No More Mr. Nice Guy

Sep 25, 2021

Did You Know Marjorie’s Family Invented Margarine & Named It After Her? Volume 2, Chapter 1, Verse 20

“Mr. President, you stopped many millions of dollars from coming into Hondo and Guacampala and Al Salvardo. We were counting on that money. You stopped it from coming in, Mr. President, is there something we did wrong?”

Is that a trick question, Pedro? You know what you did wrong. Caravans. You ever hear about caravans? Everybody knows what you did. You should not have done that.

In just eight months Joe Biden and the radical Democrats have turned America into a turd world country, like a cess pit pool. Everything is woke. Everything has gone to shit. You can see it here in Alabama as much as anybody.

The Dems have been coming for your great heritage for hundreds of years. They hate your monuments. Murders are through the roof, and I don’t mean Dylan. You get that? I know many of you get that, including the boys and girls in the back. You see their little red lights come on? 

I told you they were the enemy of the people. I warned you. I look out for Alabama. Remember Dorian? You were prepared, right? But the media gave me shit.

Back during the first campaign to make America great again I would say, Mexico is going to pay for the wall. Obviously I never said this and I never meant they’re going to write out a check or give me their Mastercard. That’s just crazy.

Countries don’t act like people. That’s corporations that act like people. But the media made it sound like I said what I said in ways I never said it. I never said I would send Mexico an invoice. That’s Congress’s job.