No Bull From Heaven Can Destroy KuklaM*A*S*H

Sep 19, 2021

Micah Rode The Bull And More, Chapter 56, Verse 35

I don’t know if he knew. How can anyone tell? Do people think this is a good thing, what happened? We were winning. I’d been complaining very strongly about the ballots. We beat those ballots in 2016 and they started screaming: "Russia! Russia!” It was all fake news.

But the ballots were a disaster. Where we all my ballots? What did they do with my ballots? What about all the ballots I had in 2016? Don’t they count? We won so big in 2016. That should count for something. We need election reform so this doesn’t happen again.

We went to bed on November 3, and we were winning, big, it was big, it was the biggest margin of ever, they said it was overwhelming, no one could catch us, and then the next morning my observors said, “Sir, they have been dumping millions of ballots.”

I said: “They can’t do that. Get rid of those bad ballots, and you’ll see we will have a very, we’ll have the greatest peaceful transition, it will be a continuation really, no transfer, just more of the great things we have been doing together to make America great, its values, our family values, our Merry Christmas.”

They even tried to take away Merry Christmas, but you said no, and then they started rounding up all of your friends, my friends, very fine people, they dressed up like my supporters and stormed the Capitol to make you look bad, and here we are.

They’re destroying our country. Last month alone, our border patrol, who we love very much, they are very fine people, the best, they need help, they apprehended a mind boggling 2,910,000 illegal border crosses. You know how many crosses that? That’s a lot of crosses.

We never had crosses like that before the steal. You can multiply that times 60, 70, 80 or 90 of the people that come in without getting caught. They say you can use numbers like that, so that’s what I’m using, but you watch, now that I’m using them, they’ll say I just made them up.

Like they say, you have numbers like that, pretty soon it starts to add up. Everybody can’t be wrong.