Mark My Words, This Is Gonna Be Great!

Sep 25, 2021

There’s Good News Tonight, Volume 2, Chapter Nil, Verse 51

So what do you think? I said, “Good. Stop payment immediately. No more money going to these countries. No more money going to these shit hole countries.”

I immediately stopped all of this 500 million, a little more than that, yeah, but not much, a little more than 500 million going to the three Socialist countries that were storming our border with their rapists and thugs. You can’t have a great country with all these people coming in. So I cut off the money.

And a day went by and I got a call from all three of the heads of those countries who I knew and know and respect. They’re smart. They’re very streetwise people. They’re very smart and very, very streetwise. They can shoot people in the streets and still get elected.