Like Shit Through An Hourglass

Sep 2, 2021

Rinse & Repeat Until You Get It Right, Chapter 20, Verse 4

So I repeated what I said, “Our great Space Force just shot 59 missiles into Syria from a universe very extremely far, far away. Every one of them hit their target and not one innocent American was killed. No one in history has ever had such smart weapons & such a smart leader who knows how to do One Minute Retaliations. It was an incredible display of talent and weapons.”

I learned that from Ronald Reagan, the original One Minute President who knew how to wish, do the gladhand, & make the best retaliations, and the really be best part, be best was Melania’s thing that she learned from watching me, the be best part is it only takes a minute to get the results you were hoping for, and sometimes it takes even less, like 99 seconds.

Everyone should read that book before running for president. I did. I got my copy from George Bush, the draft dodger, not the dead one. I wouldn’t kid about a thing like that.

And the reason we did the 59 shots is because we had to. Because President Obama and Biden drew the red line in the sand and said, “Don’t cross it.”

And they crossed it.

And nothing happened.

That’s when Russia got involved. Russia went in. They said, “Oh, nothing’s going to happen.” So Russia got involved. Other countries got involved.

That red line in the sand from President Obama, that was just absolutely, it just didn’t matter. It was just words. That’s the problem with a lot of politicians actually, but not Mo.

But it just doesn’t matter. When he said, “Red line don’t ever cross it,” and they crossed it and nothing happened. Not Mo though.

It was Obama who let them cross the line, so they crossed it.