Late At Night Is When They Come Out

Sep 14, 2021

You Know What I’m Talking About, Chapter 53, Verse 49

And I’m not just talking about Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico. I’m talking about your Middle East. I’m talking about your Asia, Africa. Yemen, people are coming in from Yemen. How did they get there? Does anybody know? I read there’s a portal, I’m not kidding, there’s a portal in Africa into Mexico…

I asked the Space Force to tell me how people from Yemen are ending up in Mexico but they never got back to me. I’m the president so I know how you feel when nobody gets back to you.

They never even got back to your president. That sounds like treason to me. And you know what the punishment for treason is?

And you know who was in charge of the Space Force? The same guy I trusted to cure COVID.  He couldn’t even do us a little favor like finding the fraud… Snakes. So many snakes.

Is this Area 51? Is this what Area 51 is? I don’t know. You tell me.

So many snakes. Who thought there’d be so many snakes? Where are the Irish? We need more Irish.

If you don’t reinstate me soon, our country will really be in trouble. We’ll really be in trouble.