KuklaM*A*S*H Says Its Wrong To Kish & Tell

Sep 22, 2021

Malachi Has A Message For The Bad Hombres, Chapter 59, Verse 28

Under my administration, we found the gang members, drug dealers, and various MS-13 killers and we kicked their… Do I really have to say it? You see those red lights going on. They’re just waiting to catch me in some gap. Why don’t they cover my opponent like this? "He only makes gaps when he’s awake, sir.”

I mean quickly, we kicked their hineys, see? They can’t catch me in a gap. I don’t make gaps, we knocked them out so fast nobody could believe it, their heads were spinning. Spinning on the ground. Like tops. Thousands! Thousands a year.

This only started after the Kenyan. Remember the Kenyan? Hussein. A muslim. Did he ever show his real birth certificate from Kenya? Of course not, but the media didn’t write about that. They just let him get away with it.

They only write about me on the icy ramp in a blizzard — where is there global warming? in a blizzard? during the World Series, no less — I was helping the general at West Point during that great game, great game, that we won, by the way. Until the Kenyan broke our great country, people were afraid to come here without an invitation.

That’s how America has always worked. You want to come here to our great country, you wait for an invitation, you pass the test — person, man, woman, camera, TV — and you get your IQ number and wait for the invitation. No invitation? Stay where you are or we will hunt you down and put you there.

And we quickly deported them or we put them behind bars where they belong. Sometimes they were so evil, so vicious we didn’t want to take a chance with bringing them back to their countries, so we put them on the railroads, we put them in the slaughter cars, we sent them where they couldn’t make any more trouble.