Jeremiah Sues Nehemiah Over Bullfrog Claim

Sep 10, 2021

The Dream Was Marvelous, But The Terror Was Great, Chapter 48, Verse 41

Biden is the most pathetic president in American history going back to King George. A total disaster. And look, he makes Jimmy Carter look great, like Elvis or Liberace, am I wrong? Can you imagine being told you make Jimmy Carter look good? How’s that ever happen?

Wait! Look at that man with that jacket. I know that guy. I love you, man. I remember you from January, at Stop The Steal! If only we had. If only we had stood up instead of standing by, things could have been different. I bet you made it all the way inside.

Were you with Ashli, did you see Ashli, our great heroine Ashli, they executed her, you remember how they executed Ashli.  What was it, Madison?

That should have been a great day, but Mike Pence betrayed us. He betrayed everyone here tonight and all across this great country of ours that is being stolen from underneath our very eyes. How many rallies you come to now? What number is this?