I Had Them In The Psalms Of My Hands

Sep 6, 2021

Haters Got To Hate, Chapter 40, Verse 19

They always hate it. Remember when I came in, Obama said, “The worst problem we have is North Korea, Kim Jong-Un.” I said, “What’s the problem?” He said, “I think you’re going to go to war with North Korea.” I said, “Have you ever called him?” “No.”

Actually, he called him 14 times and was not responded to, but he told me, “No,” but that wasn’t truthful, just like his birth certificate. I said, “Would be good to talk to him, wouldn’t it, rather than nuclear war, wouldn’t it be nice?” He didn’t agree with me. If he had remained on the throne we would all be dead now.

Anyway, through a series of events, I did talk to Kimmy and it was nasty at the beginning, remember? He said, “We have a red button on my desk.” And I said, “I have a much bigger red button. And my red button works and yours doesn’t.” He was so angry. He didn’t turn red because he’s Korean, but his face was reddish.

And anyway, it was very nasty. And then all of a sudden, it became a love fest. It became great, right?