Habakkkuk Fights To End Injustice & Suffering

Sep 21, 2021

So Haggai & Zechariah Killed Zephaniah Out Near Old Apache Wells, Chapter 58, Verse 47

ICE and the patrol borderers, tough guys, you don’t want to mess with these guys, I’m their boss & sometimes they scare me a little. “Sir. We work for you sir.” I know. “We follow orders, sir. What should we do?”

We would go into these towns and they would get these hardened criminals that are loaded up with weapons and they would get them the hell out of our country. Dead or alive. Whole trains full of them.

It’s amazing what they did for us. And now they’re being treated horribly by this administration. Joe Biden is functionally abandoneding ICE, shut down interior enforcement and turned our nation into a giant sanctuary for dangerous criminals. Rapists, antifa, radical Muslims who we banned, we tried to ban them, but the Democrats kept suing us.