Dumb! Bum! Thank You Nahum

Sep 20, 2021

Rub Some Nineveh Lotion On It, Chapter 57, Verse 36

Think of that. A lot of people don’t know what that means. You know what that means. Who doesn’t know what that means? Even Sleepy Joe knows what that means.

They are the toughest, meanest jails, the shit hole countries. They don’t have nice jails like us. That why we have a great prison industrial where our dungarees and license plates are made. During my administration, we even made licenses for the Phillippines and other countries. That’s how you do trade.

Our prisoners have better living conditions than they did before we caught them. That’s why we have so much demand for our jails. They are some of the finest jails in the world. Like our golf courses. Like American military.

Leaders from even countries that are not shit holes are impressed. “Sir,” they tell me, “How do you manage to have jails as great as your incredible hotels and golf resorts?” Hard work.

I tell them, I tell everyone, I’m telling you, it’s hard work. All it takes is hard work, and if they won’t do the hard work, we’re not gonna help them. Let them sleep in the streets. Let them eat shit. Our prisons deserve better.

So they’re emptying theirs into the United States. Billions. There are billions of them heading up in caravans.

This massive overcrowding on our border is a super spreader disaster that will bring new variables into our nation. I closed the borders as soon as I knew. We shut down the borders even before the first cases were leaked in Wutang. I wanted to do it the first day to stop this American Carnage. I started with terrorists from the Middle East and the Crusade countries.

We gave you a great tax cut and got rid of so much Democrat waste from over the years. Did you know the CDC had thousands of people doing nothing? Nothing. They were supposed to do pandemics, but we didn’t have any pandemics, so we used that money to secure our borders with our beautiful wall, like a great mask, a 12 high foot mask that COVID couldn’t climb.

We had COVID beaten even before it escaped from the Chinese lab, if we had just stayed the course. Who used to say that? A great man, really great guy, you’d recognize his name if I said it, not as great as your favorite president, but he was right. We should have stayed the course.

But now these diseases and variables are coming across a wide-open border where our wall used to be, and things have gotten bad. And honestly far worse than variables, far worse.