Do You Miss Me Yet?

Sep 24, 2021

We Will Win! America First! Volume 2, Chapter Nil, Verse 34

How many of you have already purchased our great Trump cards? Let’s see some hands? Really? There’s no way we can beat antifa and the thugs without more money. These cards will get you into my rallies at a discount. You can get big savings on my new MAGA Again™ hats that even the liberals are buying at full price because they are made in China.

The liberals love China. The elites are counting on you not giving what you can to fight against them. They are some of the most evil, godless, AOC, the squad, Muslim, Islamis, the only way we keep America great is by having more money than they do.

It’s the same with immigration. I say, “Really? Do we give them any money every year?”

This is early on when I was ending American Carnage, so I learned exactly what it was, but early on. You know, I hadn’t done it too long, right? “Do we give them any money?” “Yes, sir!” “How much?” About $500 million a year, that’s a lot of money, right?

“Yes, sir. That’s a lot of money.”

Thank you.