Daniel Perl Was A Gem Of Extraordinary Beauty

Sep 13, 2021

A Shame We  Have So Many Democrat Swine, Chapter 53, Verse 0

Boy, I’d love you to hear that speech. It was a speech for the aged, the greatest speech ever. But nobody even recorded it because they were rigging the polls, getting ready to steal the election, so no one couldn’t spare a few people to record my speech? What an insult!

I called up the First Lady. I said, “First Lady, I just made a great speech.” 

She said, “Sir, you’re on television for the way you went down the slippery slope. You look like such a stupid old man. Everybody is laughing at you.” It’s all they talked about.

But with Sleepy Joe falling down the stairs, three times, he was down. No, he’s up! No, he’s down again, Oh my God! No he’s up! He’s down again. He’s down for three times. That’s a TKO. A tremendous knockdown. TKO.

You know, if that was a fight, they’d stop it. Right? If that was a fight. No way would they start the fourth round. They would’ve stopped it, Mike. I call everyone Mike. But me taking my time and being presidential. That they make fun of.

Yes. Everyone hears you. It makes me mad too.

In a matter of mere months, Biden has thrown our southern border wide open to the rapists and bad hombres.

When I left office we handed the new administration the most secure border in US history anywhere in the world. The DMZ was never this secure, the Mason-Dixon Line, Adrian’s Wall In Pennyslvania…

And they turned your great beautiful 5,000 mile wall into the greatest border disaster in American history, probably anywhere in the world. You know, they’re emptying their prisons out into our country with illegal Democrats.

We already have too many damn Democrats. They breed like roaches and they vote illegally.