Come They Told Me To Vote For My Trump

Sep 16, 2021

We’ll Make Things White Again By Voting For Trump, Chapter 55, Verse 44

And when people heard that… And they hear it, they’re genius, it’s genius. When people heard that and then they saw the results, because there wasn’t games, it wasn’t a hoax, it wasn’t fake news, it was happening. They never came. They stopped. 

“Should we take the chance?”


They remembered at the beginning with the caravans, we ended the caravans. We took the legs right off those caravans. We stopped them dead.

Nobody tried to get across our great beautiful wall, until antifa tore down part of it in the riots during the storms. It was like God spoke and the heathens parted and we made America great again.

And then we won the election, but the liberals stole it, so our new goal is to ensure the integrity of our votes, for the good of this great nation of ours, so we can move on to my reinstatement and stop this crazy stuff at the border. It’s just crazy.

But now the caravans are back at a level that nobody’s ever seen. Bigger, stronger, more powerful. Radioactive. Some of them are  radioactive. The rapists were bad, but all the disease coming across the border from China. It’s a disgrace. It’s a goddamn disgrace, a total disaster.