Call Me Jonah. Just Don't Call Me Portajohnny

Sep 16, 2021

There Will Be A Great Confusion Of People With Those Above And Those From The Lower Depths, Chapter 56, Verse 8

Now the radical left Democrats have surrendered our sovereignty to the wily coyotes and rapist drug cartels, child smugglers, human traffickers, and they usually traffic in women, and sometimes little girls in the basements of pizza parlors. You remember. Everyone should remember.

Biden stopped my beautiful and impressive wall construction, we had the greatest wall going, I know how to build great walls. Great walls make great neighborhoods. Even China agrees with me about walls. They keep trying to make a wall half as good as mine.

They instituted nationwide catch and release, wanted it back, and invited the entire world to make a mad dash for the USA when he said, “Come. You’re welcome. Help us rig our elections to punish his very fine people with their great American family values.”

How are we doing for time?