Big Trouble In Little Vagina

Sep 5, 2021

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Beaver Shorn, Chapter 27, Verse 26

I got in a little trouble. I said that our women’s soccer team was supposed to easily win but they lost, because they went woke except for a few of them. I love those women that stood up when they saluted our flag, but there were some of them.

But the one with the purple hair, she didn’t play too well. She went, well, you can have her. And they didn’t do too well, unfortunately. We want them to do well, but they didn’t. If you bet on them, you’re probably pretty mad. It should have been easy money, betting on our girls.

But it’s true about woke. You just take a look, everything goes bad. It all turns to shit. It’s really, it’s a shortcut to losing everything you have. They want to get rid of our great heroes and heroines. They want to get rid of our history, our culture. We’re not going to do it.

What’s next? Are they coming for our Disneyland?