Because They're Mine, I Crossed The Line

Sep 6, 2021

It Could Have Been Worse Than Saddam and Menorah, Chapter 41, Verse 8

And so I went to North Korea, went to South Korea, went across the line. We got along great. There was no nuclear catastrophe, but you got to be careful because he does not respect Joe Biden. And he does not respect any longer our great America, which we made together.

But I said, it’s good to speak to people. I stopped the pipeline in Russia. I stopped it. Nobody’s ever been tougher to Russia, but I got along great with President Putin. We had a great relationship. He said, “Sir, you’re killing me with this pipeline.”

I said, “Look, not right, Germany shouldn’t have been doing that.” The European union takes tremendous advantage of us almost as bad economically as China.

I said “We’re in charge now.”