And KuklaM*A*S*H Did Sayeth Unto Hobby Lobby

Sep 21, 2021

Let My Craven Idol Hands Go Girl! Chapter 58, Verse 26

I love a good fight. I used to promote fights before I became a politician. Can you believe I’m a politician? I can’t even. But fighting is in my blood. All my friends love a good fight, like you saw on January 6, fighting to preserve election integrity, fighting to stop the steal, fighting to keep America great against the raging heathens.

We’ve had enough of this liberal American carnage. We want all this American carnage to stop. I said that. In my first inauguration, a great speech, one of the greatest inauguration speeches since Frederick Douglas, maybe even better, many people are saying.

All these guys that I know, my friends in the first row, I know every one of them very well. Not one of them would do this job. And if they did, they’d be knocked out in about two seconds.

They wouldn’t do it well. They wouldn’t want to do it. ICE is, these are brilliant, great, tough, strong, but more important than anything, they are loyal, patriotic people. You can’t be loyal and patriotic if you vote against America's favorite president can you?