A Little Knowledge Of Good And Evil Goes A Long Way

Sep 1, 2021

Dudes! It’s Deuteronomy From The Army Of The Dead! Chapter 16, Verse 11

And it didn’t have to happen. All he had to do is leave the soldiers there until everything’s out, our citizens, our weapons, the good stuff.

Then you bomb the shit out of the bases. We have five bases. Piece of cake. You could do it overnight while no one was watching.

That’s just being honest. You kill all the terrorists and their families and friends and all the people in their neighborhoods that didn’t report them when they should have. And you say, “Bye, bye.” You say, “Bye, bye.”

The scene of those big giant planes, taking off with people hanging on the sides and falling off, there’ll never be anything like that. That’s worse than the helicopters. You remember the helicopters taking off the roofs?

This blows it away. Not even a contest. This is worse than the people jumping out of the World Trade Center. Worse than Oklahoma City.

This will go down as one of the great military defeats of all time, even before The Battle Of Lester Maddox, going back to when Attila the Hun was in Kabul with Hannibalrabi before the Pope had him killed.

And it did not have to happen that way. This is not a withdrawal. This was a total surrender. It was a surrender for no reason. They weren’t asking. We had them by the balls.

I dealt with Abdullah. He was the leader.

I said, “Abdullah, anything happens, we are going to rain terror down upon you such as the world has never seen ever before in all of our histories. We will not stop. It will be a terrible thing. Don’t touch our American citizens. Don’t ever come to our country. Don’t ever come to our country. Not even to visit. And you’re going to continue fighting your civil war and leave us alone if you know what’s good for you.” 

I can do things like that because I believe in America. They’ve been fighting for thousands of years. That’s all they do is they fight and they’re good fighters but not as good as my fighters, like you saw in Charlottesville, in Kenosha, at the Capitol on January 6.

I have the best fighters, American fighters, patriots who want to make the world great again.

But I had a good relationship with Abdullah, other than that one statement he had to hear when he signed the NDA. After I said that, he said “Fine,” and I said, “Now let’s get down to business. Where are the girls?”

And we had a conditions-based agreement. And they didn’t meet the first two conditions so we hit them hard. Remember Suleimani? He was the one everybody heard about but most were secret because that’s how you do things in our great military. What you don’t know can’t hurt us. So we hit them hard.

And then suddenly they started to meet the conditions. So then they had a couple of other conditions that they were ready to meet.

We were this close to world peace for the first time in history, since before the cavemen were fighting the dinosaurs before inventing the wheel that we keep trying to reinvent better.

And then we had a rigged election and we had a new President who wants to persecute us.

So this new President rigged the election audits, just to spite you, to spite all the good things we have done together to make America great again, and he dropped to his knees and he begged the Taliban, “Come on in and take everything that we have, Abdullah. This is my gift to you. Just don’t hurt me or Hunter.”

This is a disgraceful thing. The most embarrassing thing that we’ve ever seen in this country, since before the Mayflower sank at Valley Forge. There’s never been an embarrassment so big.

And the nations of the world, both friend and foe are looking at us and saying, “What the hell happened so quickly to the United States of America? Did they get sick? Is it the Kung Flu?”

They can’t believe it.