In The Beginning Was The Turd

Aug 28, 2021

Genesis, Chapter 8, Verse 53

Thank you. Thank you. Wow, this is a big crowd. I’ll tell you. This goes all the way back. I wish they’d show it because they just don’t do that. They just don’t like… Wow! This goes all the way back. I just looked at it on television, but it’s our television. We show it, but they don’t show it. You know why? Because they’re fake news. Right? They’re fake news.

Look at them back there. They’re like roaches. They’re like cockroaches. Such a disgrace.

Hello, Alabama. I’m thrilled to be back in your incredible, wonderful state that we won by a record number like no one could believe. We won this state. We also won a lot of other states by numbers that they don’t tell you about, but you know the truth.

I tell you what. They don’t want to admit it. But we did have a rigged election. Didn’t we? It was terrible, terrible. And you look at what’s going on now. You look at what’s going on now and the border, but take a look at Afghanistan, what’s happening.