What Is Sleepy Joe Hiden?

Nov 1, 2021

A Billion Here, A Billion There & Soon You’re Talking Big Money, Volume 2, Chapter 30, Verse 6

One thing is certain, this would never, never, ever, ever be happening if I were still your president, and we should have been your president, & we really are, in ways you can’t imagine. I still have a cabinet. I still have ambassadors to foreign countries. Foreign leaders still dont engage in any quid pro quo with me, because we know how to do the art of the deal.

Seventiy-five million votes. That’s more than every legal vote. We got them all, so where did all those illegal votes come from?

When I was in the White House, illegal aliens knew that if they broke our traipspassing laws and traipsed across our borders, they would be caught, they would be detained, and they would shot & quickly be thrown out of our country very rapidly. So they didn’t come. They didn’t come because it was not worth the trip and then you have to go back. It wasn’t worth the trip.

Just recently, it was revealed that Google rewrote its whole program just to help steal the election. You saw that, in order to target Donald Trump, they targeted me. And yet, we still got 75 million votes. How the hell did we do that?

I could tell you how we did that, but I can’t because it’s beginning audited. There’s a non-disclosure agreement. Everybody signs them, but I believe in them. NDAs. They’re even trying to take away NDAs. Can you believe it?

But really the number wasn’t 75 million. I believe the number was many, many, many millions times more, at least another 81 million, which is what the fake news media says Basement Slippery Joe got. You know, it’s funny. I have a rally like this that goes way the hell back. Where’s the horizon? I can’t even see the horizion.

By the way, it’s starting to rain. You know what? Excuse me. It’s almost as if God planned it. I will now prove to you it’s my hair.