Son Of America First: The Sequel

Nov 1, 2021

Do The Math & If I Did Not Win Do It Again, Volume 2, Chapter 34, Verse 50

My fellow Americans, our movement is far from over. We are nowhere near the horizon. 

In fact, our fight has only just begun or as they say: “Sir, we have just begun to fight.” Thank you for your service.

In the history of our country, there has never been a movement like this. There’s never been anything like it. Not even close. No comparison. People run for the Senate. They do okay. They lose. They win a couple of votes and they’re national heroes for 50 years. They’re on television, talking.

People running for president and they come in second, third, or fourth in one primary. And they’re national heroes all of a sudden. We, not me. We ran for president and we won 32 states. And then we did better the second time, much better the second time, much, much better, except they stole it.

Somebody from the fake news media said, “Sir, what was the difference between 2016 and 2020?” I said, “Well, the difference was that in 2020, we did much, much better. The rallies were bigger. The enthusiasm was more.”

They used the coronavirus hoax for so long, so unfair, to keep us apart, to keep you thinking maybe I’d forgotten, maybe I’d, was I just joking when I said me & Kimmie were in a lovefest, or did I mean it?

It was so unfair that we could not be together while Basement Joe hid away & forced me to pay more attention than I usually do, & everybody got so confused, that’s what they want, they want to confuse you, so you forget what we believe in, but don’t do it, don’t concede. I didn’t. I won’t. I believe in you.