Remember Back When They Said There Was Collusion?

Nov 1, 2021

Russia, Russia, Russia, That’s All They Still Talk About, Volume 2, Chapter 28, Verse 16

Remember, when they spied my campaign? Someone came to me, someone famous, a big guy, & he said “Sir, they’re spying on you.” They’re spying on me? Who’s spying on me. “The Democrats, sir. They are spying on my Russian businesses that we work with.”

So I held a rally & I said, “They’re spying on my campaign,” and the world went crazy. I thought it was just an innocent statement because we all know they’re dishonest. The world went crazy when I said they’re spying and it turned out that to be true, even though they say I just make things up. I don’t make anything up. Maybe you make things up & I repeat them, if they’re funny. I like a good joke.

They perpetrated the Russia hoax. They framed General Flynn. They conducted the Mueller witch hunt, never-ending Mueller witch hunt, which found no new witches, by the way. No witches in my administration. Can’t say that about Birden’s.

They’re continuing to do it with very dishonest, highly political prosecutors, all over the place, to look at everything I’ve done all my life, from the very beginning, even petty little crimes that everybody does. If it was so illegal, why have I never gone to jail? Not once. You think they could find one thing in my whole entire illegal criminal life to charge me with, but still they keep trying.

They’re using justice to go after Republicans who support me. Why do so many Republicans support me? You got to ask yourself.

And we can’t let that happen, because again, we’re not going to have a country left. They’re tearing down all our great monuments & cancelling our great heritage, just to push their woke agenda.

And they pushed impeachment hoax number one and impeachment hoax number two, who ruthlessly smeared Brett Kavanaugh, a very good man who they made fun of for liking a few beers. I don’t like beer myself, but I know people who like beer, maybe not so much as Kavanaugh. He really likes his beer, right? Do you remember how they went after Brett Kavanaugh?

He was with this one. He was with that one. He wasn’t with any of them. And they knew that, but you know, they’re trying to scare our Supreme Court, a court we built together to keep America great once I’m reinstated to make America great again, again.