My Revelations Are Bigger Than Your Revelations

Nov 1, 2021

We Can Never Accept Things As They Are, So Long As We Know That Things Should Be Different, Volume 2, Chapter 32, Verse 18

So to summarize things up in a summary of conclusion, our movement is up against some of the most sinister forces and entrenched special interests that anyone can barely imagine, & then some, in so many different ways you wouldn’t believe. The Democrats have so much money while our fund-raising depends on little people, like you.

It’s really hard to believe they think this is good when you look at what’s happening. Haiti is emptying out into our country. Haiti. They have a lot of problems in Haiti, and it’s very sad, but we’re bringing needy people into our country that it’s just a terrible, terrible, terrible situation.

But no matter how big our way of life, no matter how big our country or how powerful they may seem, you must never forget this nation does not belong to them. How they ever thought that I don’t know.

This nation belongs to you. This is your home. This is your heritage. These monuments they are tearing down are your history that we are trying to make great again, but they keep trying to steal it.

And our magnificent American Liberty is your God given right. The citizens of the United States of America will not be dictated to and talked down to by incompetent politicians, corrupt tyrants, left-wing bullies, or socialist bureaucrats in Washington, DC, a place that I got to know very, very well.