How Can I Keep Silent? Why Must I Hold My Tongue?

Nov 1, 2021

I Was The Greatest Job President That God Ever Created, Volume 2, Chapter 29, Verse 22

In just eight months, Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden, antifa, the lazy Blacks, sneaky socialists, and the radical do-nothing Democrats are well on their way to turning America into a third-world shit-hole. That’s what’s happening. You see it here as much as anybody.

Youre running out of gravity in Huntsville. Can you believe it? I read about it this morning. Think of that. What will you do when you run out of gravity? It’s a good thing you have the Space Force to keep things from floating away.

I told you so during the election and during the campaign. Reelect me or you’ll be sorry, I said, so where are things now? Just like I said. Inflation is skyrocketing through the atmosphere. Unemployment is rising at a level that nobody can believe & few have ever seen since Jimmy Carter was being chased by a rabbit. Remember that? A president of the United States got chased by a rabbit. That never happened during my administration.

Main streets are being boarded up. Murders are through the roof. The rapists and druggies are running through the streets looking for your daughters. They’re trying to take your guns. They want to take the flag & religion out of our schools. They talk about a great resignation, when what they mean is Democrats are lazy.

You look at what’s happening in these Democrat-run cities. Violent gangs and drugged-out vagrants are taking over our big cities, when they should be at work, helping boost the economy in our once great cities. Corruption is rampant.

The senior ranks of our military have been politicized by the woke crowd & the LGBTQs. Our leaders are issuing unconstitutional executive mandates that nobody likes and our country is being turned into an illegal migrant camp.

And they’re trying to scare people like Bill Barr and others. By going after him, they try and scare him because they say they’re going to pack the court or they’re going to impeach Bill Barr, such a great American. He worked tirelessly to help me make America great & keeping our official secrets where they belong.

And you know, it changes some people. It really does. It changes them. It scares them. They don’t want that to happen. They talk about, they want to impeach Kavanaugh. You know what they want to impeach him for? Nothing.

He didn’t do anything wrong. Put yourself in his place. I know when I was the age when he did the things he was accused of, which he denied by the way, he never conceded that he did those things. 

In fact, the opposite, they did everything wrong, not him. What’s past is past. If everybody had to own up to every bad thing they were not charged with, where would this country be? Why dig up all this old shit just to smear it on poor Brett Kavanaugh right out in public?

They were totally dishonest people. One of the most horrendous hearings that anyone’s seen, worse than Watergate, they covered up the origins of the China virus, which was created by Crazy Tony Fauci and his buddies in Wuhan.

And they censored all information about Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and all of the corruption in that family.

And don’t forget Hillary. Nobody should forget Hillary.