Between Ashli Madison & Holden Cawthorn

Nov 1, 2021

Someone Is Trying To Destroy Western Civilization, Volume 2, Chapter 27, Verse 5

Between the phony infrastructure bill and the budget proposal, their package would abolish the suburbs, totally abolish. You won’t be able to avoid affordable housing. Where would you find somewhere safe to live. You can all fit at Mar A Lago. I’d love to have you. Don’t get me wrong. But those are the facts. Facts matter.

They said I lost people in the suburbs. How do you lose people in the suburbs? Am I wrong? Excuse me. I’m the one that got them to stop building those horrible low-income houses that was going to destroy the suburbs by bringing in rapists and drug people.

And now they’re saying that I didn’t do well in the suburbs. I think I did great in the suburbs. I think the women in suburbs voted for Donald Trump. That’s what I think. I do think. I think a lot. I think more than most people. When I aced my cognitive exams, the doctor told me, “Sir, you must think all the time.” That I do.

We had a rigged election. No question. No question. How else could I lose? Thank you. I know you all voted, but Alabama, there was never any question. You don’t let the Democrats run wild here like in some states where they collude against me.

They give Congress unchecked authority to raise your taxes, but they don’t want to fund the Space Force, which is not so great for Alabama. You will be getting the biggest tax increase in history if they’re allowed to do what they are trying to do, & don’t say I didn’t warn you, which I did. Soon you won’t have any monuments left & it will be illegal to fly your favorite flags.

If AOC gets her way, she will allow the government to start taxing America drivers by the mile, just to save the planet. They want to save the planet. What good is saving the planet if you can’t afford to drive home after work? And they say I lost the suburbs.

I love the suburbs. They love me in the suburbs. But they want to tax you by the mile and grant a backdoor mass amnesty to illegal aliens who have been using your roads for free for hundreds of years.

The radical Democrat party and their media allies are completely and totally corrupt. The same people who want you to believe there was no election fraud are the ones who said there was no spying on my campaign, which there absolutely was. No question.