Why Are There Women In The Men's John?

Oct 12, 2021

Is This What They Mean By Transubstantiation? Volume 2, Chapter 8, Verse 41

In Arizona, 11,000 individuals are now listed as having voted who were not even on the rolls the day after the election. Were they ghosts? They weren’t listed on the rolls. But somehow they mailed in ballots. Who gave them stamps?

None of the margins in the state, remember this, the margin was less than 11,000. Very substantially. Ask anyone. So that was much more than we needed. Without those 11,000 ghost voters, we would have won going away by billions of votes. That was just one of many categories. You should see the others.

When they found the extra 300,000 votes from all over the country that were hidden in an antifa backpack in Tempe, why did no one report it, not even Fox News? Not even ONAN? You could only read about those droves of ballots from all over the country with my name on them on Facebook & Parler. How does that happen without collusion?

You tell me.