When The Thessalonians Toured Mesoptamia

Oct 5, 2021

Who Needs Generals When You’ve Got A Great Gut? Volume 2, Chapter 5, Verse 41

The Afghanistan thing is so simple to understand because, when people watch that, people that weren’t even into watching political things on the news, regular people like you who support me… But when people watch this, they understood it immediately about the military, which is what I’ve been saying for 50 years.

Nobody knows more about military than I do. I created the Space Force just in time. China is on the moon. On the moon. Building infrastructure, when I’m a builder of infrastructure like nobody in the history of this planet has ever known so much about infrastructure, nobody knows as much as Donald Trump, we had more weeks of infrastructure than most countries, & nobody knows more about Afghanistan than the generals, believe me, but they don’t know much, because they’re not winning.

Did you see how I got out of Syria? Piece of cake. I was doing the same with Afghanistan. I had a great deal with the Taliban. They agreed to my terms & promised to support my reelection. We should have been out in April, but Joe was too tired and cranky… But Syria, Syria was a great success. We got out with no problems. I said: “The main thing is don’t leave any weapons behind. Blow it up if you have to,” which is what they did, which was smart. You like smart, right? Everybody likes smart, except when it’s the smart asses.

The military? I don’t take them out, leave that to last. You make sure you get the big ticket money items out first that you can seel on eBay, the people, the intelligence, & you need big boots on the ground to do it. Sort of like the captain of a ship. 

You never hear a captain say “Let’s jump off first before the passengers, I’m getting the hell out of here. Tour’s up!” Right? That’s what it is. The captain is supposed to work and watch and wait until nobody’s looking before getting off the ship. The rats go first.