What A Wild Relevation We Had

Oct 12, 2021

When Dieter Romimy Had His Duderectomy, Volume 2, Chapter 10, Verse 14

And his estimate is very, very conservative, he considered it very conservative. He told me so. “I’m being very conservative here, sir.” And I believe he said he didn’t even go to the machines. He didn’t have to look at anything it was so obvious.

Everyone could see what was happening. You saw it. You know what you saw when you saw it. You can’t fool me. Everyone saw it. Everyone was telling him what happened. He could feel it in his gut, which is where your soul is.

You know that feeling you get in your gut when you know how things were supposed to turn out so when they don’t you don’t start second-guessing yourself? No, nobody does that, because you know it’s always because somebody cheated!

That’s what Joe has turned America into. Instead of great again, we get fooled again. They fooled us once, shame on Bush, but then they just couldn’t help themselves. They had to try & fool you, but you’re no pushovers. You’re not pushovers or turnovers. You showed them on January 6 that you can’t be pushed around.

What’s that? Can’t be fooled again? Didn’t think so. Good. They aren’t counting on you not being fooled.

So what we are saying is this is so obvious even without looking at the machines, without examining one single ballot. If you can see all this without even examining a single ballot, imagine what we could find if we really had a chance?

Remember I’m not the one trying to undermine American democracy. I am the one trying to save American democracy from mail-in ballots.